Wednesday, May 1, 2019

I have signed "No Justice no Investment" into the thousands.


A While many don't know me I championed the COOL program.. championed ending child support clawbacks.. steel tariffs. Bugs in the Canola or as I refer to it as gremlins in the grain.. isnt the end. The goal has always been to choke off corruption by choking off investment.. using the abundant material available on Canadian government corruption.
We obey the rule of law sounds an awful lot like.. I didnt do nuthin.
My latest personal experience triggered the need to deal with rampant corruption.
In 1996 I was diagnosed with cancer.  I instructed the courts to cover any child support payments due to cancer with my share of the assets. In 1999 the court issued an order that all funds held by the courts by turned over to Baker with child support first on line.
FMEP said she said she didn't get the funds.. a couple of years later she finally admitted she had recieved the funds. They refuse to deduct the child support paid out of my share of the assets from the balance owing. Incured mostly due to adding cancer to the mix.
I warned FMEP to obey the court order.. deduct my contribution or they are another fine example of corruption.. the government is fully aware of how this US originated bill collector operates.
Obey the law is fiction.
No justice
No investment
vox 1998
Government statement 'obey the rule of law'  means exactly the same thing.
Spending 12 years opposing child support clawbacks has its roots with my kids.
First imagine this.. 1993.. camp job building logging roads.. 75 hrs a week including travel time.
Another 10 to 15 weekends hrs building a 4 room addition.. kids needed their own rooms at 4 and 6.
By 1997 I had lost my kids and FMEP failed to account for the money held in trust by the courts with specific instruction to use my share to cover any missed payments due to a cancer diagnosis in 1996.. yet still willing to pay even though it was 50 50 on recovery.
So tell me how I was not dedicated enough to still be their father.
You can believe the lies but nobody I know puts in a 90 hr week just for the family.
I'm sure a married cop doing favors for a mistress could be a best seller as a novel.
Was my long work history and family dedication ignored for a reason? I found the reason.. corruption.
Systemic pervasive corruption.. predictable corruption.. documented corruption.
Obey the rule of law.. isn't that a good idea.. I support that 100%.. and I know I'm.not alone in it.
I'll suspect I'll have more to say about the rule of law shortly.
May 5th
The system is broken  by corruption. Not the first time I've said that.
Throughout my blogs I have published documents and witnessed events of corruption. From a government agency breaking the law to profit a US originated private bill collector to obstruction of justice involving the best interests of the child.
The news is full of political scandals.. Airbus.. Adscam.. and now Lavscam.
When the federal government said the arrested Meng because they had to obey the rule of law..  my blog is full to the brim of obeying the law only when they felt like it.
The government over wrote our constitution giving the parliamentary powers over to a committee.. without opening the constitution.
In some countries that would be considered treason.
Married rcmp doing favors for mistresses.. the line between law and corruption gets redrawn to suit.. when they feel like it. Obey the law.. when?
With a case made that Canada only obeys the rule of law when it feels like it I suspect China came to that conclusion with refusing shipments of gremlins in the grain.
As usual Canada sticks to its fictitious story it has to obey the rule of law.
Does Ottawa really think it can negotiate it's way out of obeying the rule of law without showing we do.. not a chance. Ottawa has one option.. deal with the corruption under the rule of law or get steam rolled by much bigger economies.. but they won't. They will gather any cohorts willing to persevere the status quo I  favor of the rule of law.
Ottawa.. good luck with that.

May 7th. More to say on the fiction of how Canada obeys the rule if law.
From a previous entry.. no more taxes.. I've outlined run of the river hydrogen generation potential. Literally planet saving potential.
BC Hydro.. a crown corporation wants all electricity generated to use their transmission lines and hydrogen generation doesn't need transmission lines.
Would they be corrupt enough to stand in the way?
In the 90's BC hydro commissioned a report on run of the river potential for electricity generation. BC hydro had the report 2 years before the waterways were open staking for the purpose of run of the river projects.
When the opportunity to stake claims at 12 midnight.. behold all the best ground was staked by retired board members of BC Hydro.
I do believe profiting from inside information supplied by a crown corporation of government would be considered obeying the rule of law.. in Canada..  when they feel like it.

May 8th
Did I mention married rcmp doing favors for mistresses.
The RCMP can state unequivocally Nuttal was a terrorist because they.. the rcmp.. taught him how to make a bomb.
I've already posted the documents on a government agency broke the law to profit a private US originated company.
I'm sure I'll have more to say on the fiction of obey the law in a country rampant with corruption

May 9th
The laundering of cash through BC casinos has been more than idle chat for many years.
In the last few years it was apparent real estate was the ideal parking spot.
After all these years it has just recently become very public through MSM.
So we know the where and why.. what we dont know is the how.. how this enormous criminal enterprise operates in full few for so long.
Also we dont know why no one is behind bars.
If that smells like the fiction.. we must obey the rule of law.. your nose won't lie to you.

No Justice,
No Investment

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Still on my feet.

From the corrupt family court using sole custody to fill government coffers to the national police force looking the other way.
In my first blog header I wrote "a system broken by corruption has never fixed itself.. ever".
"It was replaced".. referring to the nominated federal government system used by GWB in Afghanistan until the elected government took over.. and corruption become synonymous with it.
Myself and my children have lost a great deal in our lives because of corruption. The most damaging was done by a married rcmp officer who took my ex to a housewarming party.
Canada needs to clean up on corruption.. the rcmp corruption is not something Canada needs.. and it's a very good place to start.
Recently I was interview by a rcmp member.. I suggested the click cant ge turned back but $30 million would suffice. Obviously her eyes rolled back on that.. I set that rediculous price because whether justice was in the form of cash the focus was still corruption.. $30 mil would ensure getting shut leaving the only issue.. corruption. It simply wouldn't do to have a settlement clause on dropping involvement in political issues.. a non starter as corruption takes point.
As it turns out the dirt the Khadr family has on the federal government is only with $10.5 million so I really only had to go $10 mil to stick with the plan. Bring enough pressure to force government to disband the rcmp. The provinces are more than capable of having provincial forces. I often note married cops doing favors for mistresses. Looking the other way with the adscam evidence puts into question the top brass.. was it bad policing or were they in for a cut of the $40 mil. The Nuttal hoax that scammed a million in overtime was not bad policing leaning toward a payoff.
Along with the now defunct COOL program.. Buy American.. NAFTA and tariffs have little hope unless the feds make a show of good faith in dealing with corruption by disbanding the rcmp.

I spent some time observing a contractor doing some work for a city.
Not knowing the details it was probably a bid contract. I'm familiar with the process as I constructed a winning bid for a local contractor I had worked for previously.
That got me thinking about the 30 years of sweat I put in to build a career. From a mining family and worked in the mines as a teenager blowing shit up was a gas.. man.
I started in construction in 1975 with EAC as a drillers helper on the Sayward highway.. that didnt last long as drilling was the challange that occupied my inner self.. I secured the next open spot on a drill. From it's a gas to blow shit up to major shots was the ultimate challenge that really made the job for me.
After a few years and learning I soon had a gas powered hand drill I used to contract with. I drilled a lid blasted a large boulder that was 2 meters from his house. I set up a video and lit the fuse. As we waited he asked so you video ever blast.. I replied.. no this was my first and he took it to mean my first blast.. rofl.. the shot went off before he could have a heart attack..  lol it went perfect.
I.moved up to nightshift drill foreman with Goodbrand on section 1 of the Coquihalla.  Ledcor came next.. in charge of drilling and blasting for phase 2 and 3. With the successes I had gained the reputation to hire on with the home company that gave me the start in construction on the Sayward highway.. EAC. Port Mellen and the Port of Prince Rupert expansion moved me to the top of the rehire list.

I've said before.. I have never been in arrears in child support. The courts held the money and as per the court order it was turned over to Baker which she admitted she had received to the American collection agency for specifically collecting child support arrears.. mostly the funds that would flow to government coffers.. not the children it was paid for.
Family Maintence Enforcement Program or FMEP.. sounds like a government program but it's just a private collection agency protected by government intervention other collection agencies dont have.
Like any collection agency rules take a back seat to collections.
I'm my case it was falsely reported by baker she had received no money but later admitted she had. Even thought they knew she had received the funds they continued to take steps to collect on the lies.. collections have priority to intentionally commit fraud by collecting on a known lie.
FMEP recently had its budget cut by 2 million.
A standard collection agency profit comes from a portion of the  total collected.
With a budget they get paid for each collection regardless of anything was actually collected.
The many horror stories you hear about FMEP are true.. they dont want you to be able to pay.. if you do they lose the bounty they receive. It isn't hard to make it too difficult for a person to be able to pay.. poison pen letters are very effective.
Stigma of divorce fathers.
Interesting the government proclaims child support is for the children.. scoops it and blames the record child poverty on dead beat dads when it's the dead beat government scooping the child support.
The idea the dad did something wrong is always front and center.
In my case she quit a very good job to go on welfare for a legal aid lawyer. That put me in the 100% smoke custody category. The courts were influenced by feeding government coffers and even though she beat the kids to the ground when they asked to see me it still went sole custody and child support to the government.. and a fee to FMEP to keep me on their rolls. At the time I really believed the courts would straighten out the situation.. it was predetermined screw the best interests of the child... rampant corruption.
The first step they took was to send a letter out to every employer I had with a threatening tone of they hired me. I have one given to me by a company that said you're moved to the top of the no rehire list. 30 years of sweat to get to the top of the rehire list on a career I did for the shear enjoyment of it and they killed it on a known lie just to serve themselves.
That is how evil FMEP is.. just a collection agency bent on collections at any cost and protected by government. They not only took away my right to work.. they wanted 50% before taxes of what limited low paying jobs I might get. Figure it out..  even $20 an hr would pay 25% in tax. FMEP Cole ts 10 bucks.. taxes pull 5 bucks leaving with me 5 to not only survive but the extra costs of working. That's below minimum wage so it would appear the poison pen program is standard whether it removes any possiblity of getting a job but affording one. No one is that stupid to kill the golden goose so it's just the evil they brew there. I told them 20 years ago they will never put me on my knees.. 20 years of poverty and I'm still standing.. still crusading for the children of divorce.
The province needs to kick FMEP to the curb.. no transfers..  fire the lot of them.. because just ending child support clawbacks is only a start. The courts have had more than enough time to follow the previous federal liberal government justice committee instructions..  abide by the 1998 report
For the sake of the children.
There better be some results soon but immediately FMEP must go.

The carrot and the stick.
No justice, No investment

For what it's worth my blogs are more detailed.. plenty to change yet but with this summary I feel I've had my say.. anything more would just be more of the same.. different pile. Not worth the focus of the time to note it.
I'm just not paying attention lol.. I've had my say.. I like it.. might be it sucks to be you.
With not concrete plans for the future more trips up the west coast in a MH is on the list.. only more focused.. out of cell range. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

twenty years and family court still ignores the best interests of the child

The very idea that twenty years later there would not even be the slightest hint of presumed joint physical custody was inconceivable to people familiar with the best interests of the child, both parents.
The supporters of sole custody were even down to feeble excuses 15 years ago. They said they had no problem with joint custody as long as the parents got along. As soon as I said, "if we got along we'd probably still be together". When the excuses ran out they just went silent, ignoring the whole issue that mobilized so many people pointing out the courts needed to follow their mandate and rule in the best interests of the child. The government refused to entertain such a notion as they used sole custody to increase child support claw back, $15 million a month in BC alone.
We certainly made enough noise and several MP,s took notice and conveyed how many children the court was failing with. Any noise that made it to Ottawa  was successfully countered with... lol you guessed it, parents need to get along for joint custody to work. That of course it a total lie. There are a great many parents that share their kids and do not get along, some picking up and dropping off the kids at a neutral location... but as ridiculous an argument as that is against the courts failing hundreds of thousands of children.. it was successful in ending any speculation of a position change by the courts.
Taking that one step further how is it that every level of government has not problem with what many consider criminal. Obviously they are bullet proof because the checks and balances are handled politically, anything that would make them look like criminals is handled by the RCMP, the only non political check.
The last Liberal government burglarized the national treasury to the tune of $40 million for election purposes. The PM created an inquiry bench by Justice Gomery who entertained us all by allowing the former PM show the court his balls, literally, boxes of golf balls. Meanwhile the three years election Canada needed to destroy who was elected on the dirty money had elapsed and the evidence was destroyed, with full knowledge by the RCMP, they just looked the other way. The orders to look the other way must have come from the top brass and there is only one thing that would motivate them, a lot of cash. The $40 million went somewhere but it was enough for me to conclude the reason the governments are bullet proof, they are protected by the RCMP. The only way government will be threatened with consequences enough to force the courts to follow their mandate through instructions from the attorney general is to remove their armor, the RCMP.
While presume joint physical custody is still my priority it won't happen till the RCMP is disbanded leaving the government open to consequences that will be strong enough to force change.
Disbanding the RCMP is the gesture that will convince me he is serious about the rampant corruption, I'll take it as a show of good faith.
Growing since 2002
no justice, no investment

Monday, January 8, 2018

One last straw to grasp

The purpose of the investment boycott is to choke corruption out of the system by denying the oxygen of the corrupt, cash. The how to details are in previous posts.
The first thing I considered was how the system uses delay, denial, and distraction until the opponents simply give up. Even though I knew the drill it worked on me, what could I do again a corrupt justice system that had no intention of upholding the law. They were well aware I had mustered the forces of the international community to back the investment boycott. Their big mistake was thinking they only had to defeat me, I believe they thought once I was defeated the international community and the investment boycott would follow.
The international community doesn't work that way, why would they feel defeated when all they did was withhold investment. Just because I had to give up any chance of justice was in no way any reason they should not carry on with the investment boycott, which had seriously affected everything but raw resources and currency speculation since 2006.
They must be seeing the bigger picture now that even the only stronghold, Alberta, has seen billions pulled out of raw resources. A lot has to do with the global oil glut but it is also worth noting that any replacement investment is by Canadian companies, which have never been part of the boycott. Perhaps those companies think by holding the assets the international community will return when the outlook for energy improves. They will be sadly disappointed. Even if it picks up the offshore parts boycott is the signal to keep avoiding investment rather than getting caught up in a failing system.
The corrupt all now understand how using their delay tactics against them was enhanced by the arrogance of thinking all they had to do was defeat me. Instead the arrogance has dug a hole too deep to climb out of. They also understand with the auto parts boycott, by this summer corruption will be clawing at the sides as the hole they dug collapses.
The latest is sending MP Goodale to try and salvage any remnant of Nafta, they seem to forget the investigation into insider trading that involved Goodale and MP Brison that was brushed off by the RCMP. Well I guess some sort of a hail mary looks better to them that upholding the law but more it is just more arrogance in thinking it will go away if delayed long enough.
Yes they defeated me but in the process they have defeated themselves with the arrogance of thinking they could use the same corrupt delay tactics internationally to avoid any need to uphold the law.
The one last straw they can grasp as a show of good faith, disband the corrupt RCMP.
since 2000
no justice, no investment

Monday, December 25, 2017

That's how things got interesting

The 20th anniversary of advocating for the children of divorce is fast approaching.
In 1998 I joined a shared parenting group that had a global voice, thanks mainly to some very well connected individuals.
I had already sat in family court for a couple of years following other family court cases, trying to understand why the courts were ok with the mother of my children beating the kids to the ground every time they asked to see me, even on court ordered days. The primary action of the web site was of persistent denied access as a result of sole custody, which caused my concern for my children.
It was common knowledge that it was the courts judiciary duty to rule in the best interests of the child. By joining this group it was immediately apparent I was just one father of  literally hundreds of thousands of fathers that had been ejected out of their children's lives by the courts.
Most in the group blamed feminism for family court across the country having mother sole custody as the best interests. That's how things got interesting.
Obviously the courts position on denied access was nothing more than just 'recommending' the father have scheduled access to the children. The group in general was quite adamant feminism was responsible, pressuring the justice system with mottos like, 'all men are bad, all women are victims'. After sitting in family court for a total of 3 years the courts were far more interested in the financial aspect of the case and mostly about child support. Lawyers opened with child support in a custody hearing, totally against the rules and all any judge did was slightly admonished, 'Now you know Mr. Whatever.. Thornton... this hearing is not about child support but custody.
For years I assumed lawyers were just using child support or other financial aspects to strengthen the case for mother sole custody. With such a high mother sole custody rate it was easy to see why the group was fooled into thinking feminism was the driving factor. While youth in trouble are 80% single parent children it is not a problem with single parents.. poverty is the #1 indicator of a criminal life style and it certainly is criminal to force tens of thousands of kids to grow up in poverty by stealing their child support.
While I could certainly agree with the group something was amiss the results didn't match up what was really going on in court, the fixation mainly on child support, even though most hearings were about custody. If feminism was involved it would have to be courts using child support to punish the men. Even though many in the group leaned toward this conclusion there were to many conspirators for me. By 2000 I had read every study done on the children of divorce as well custody, crime and other rates.
The conclusion I came to was not feminism, as more mothers were getting screwed over child support than fathers. The high mother custody rate is nothing short of corruption of the system to generate revenue that will flow into government coffers.
Just because it is legal does not mean it is not criminal.
How many times have you heard child support is for the children which is a total lie...
Child support claw back is child support paid, then clawed back from single parents relying on the states welfare system. The justice system and the courts know child support is considered part of the governments revenue stream first and foremost. That is the truth. The American collection agency that collects the child support arrears even spends the bulk of its resources going after arrears that will wind up in the governments pocket.
While mother sole custody was high if there is even a whiff the child support will flow into governments pockets through child support claw backs... it goes to 100%. The courts are using sole custody to increate child support and the governments take, after the lawyers of course. It can't be more obvious its a scam to rip off the children of their child support. The courts are certainly not gender bias, that is just a smoke screen to hide the real fact the courts are tax bias.
The ugly brute holding our kids up by the ankles shaking any loose change out of their pockets is the tax man.
By 2002 I had labeled child support as the Non Custodial Parent Tax as it went to government. Child support claw back, which affected about 50,000 children just here in BC forcing them to grow up in poverty, while the government pockets the child support. Childhood poverty is caused by dead beat governments, not dead beat dads, just another cooperative cover up with fake news put out by MSM. The depth of deception is alarming to say the least even though it is common knowledge BC doubled the child poverty rate from 1 in 10 to 1 in 5 in a decade, right through a booming economy.
After another 12 years of making sure all the right people knew about the atrocities committed on children by ignoring their best interest in favor of enriching government, BC ended child support claw backs. That's how things got humorous.
Those that favored enriching government fought the truth with, 'child support is for the children' which our corrupt media made sure swamped the truth which is, child support whenever possible is for the government.
Those that opposed us labeled us as women haters but that flew out the window with ending claw back because it really favored mothers... which really caused the feminist to get a hate on for me.
On the other fathers rights groups no longer considered my efforts as positive because it did help mothers, lol it hurts government coffers so they have no warm spot for me in their hearts either.
Now you have to admit that is very humorous, feminists have always portrayed my as an enemy, fathers groups will not support helping the children if mothers get more money and governments protecting their revenue generator consider me an enemy which means the whole system is their army. Now that is a humorous conclusion
I know, it looks like the odds are stacked against me when it comes to ending the practices that corrupted the justice system. Not so, during my days with the shared parenting group a large number of influential people continued to support the reasons the group was first formed, shared parenting, the best interests of the child. They continue to support choking off the corruption.Claimer.
Every statement on the children of divorce, plural, I have made in any of my blogs, is from data, studies and witness statements.
'Child support is for the children' is a lie. It is for the government and they take it from our most vulnerable children.
Childhood poverty is caused by dead beat dads is a lie. It is caused by dead beat governments stealing the child support.
The courts are gender bias is false, the courts are tax bias and use sole custody to increase that revenue.
The best interests of the child is a lie. Across the country there are hundreds of thousands of children forced to grow up in poverty caused by child support claw backs, the governments slice.
Poverty is the number 1 indicator of a criminal lifestyle, 80% of the youth in trouble with the law are from that category.
That is the core of the corruption no justice, no investment is designed to choke off.
BC ended claw backs in 2015, Ontario this January. Small steps for me but giant steps for the children of divorce.
That's the gist of it, a lot more details in previous posts.
Fair warning, it isn't over and 2018 is not the winds that bring is the 20 year storm that will destroy and signal the start of rebuilding the dysfunctional system.
A system destroyed by corruption has never fixed itself... ever... it was replaced. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Investment is the carrot.

I'm holding the stick.
since 2000
No justice, No investment.

All I have ever asked for is justice, all I have gotten is corruption. The plan is to choke off the federal governments corruption previously mentioned, until it ceases to be a viable threat to Canadians.

The US effects of stimulus creating the record wealth gap is getting thin but where it leaves off the glut of $50 oil is taking advantage of the tens of trillions in cash accounts sitting idle. With trillions now betting on a stronger US economy NYSE is up over 11% since the start of the year. Just the opposite in Canada. After enjoying the commodities bubble followed by government spending on an irrational exuberance level, the TSE is basically flat for the year. 
For a decade investment in value added industry is below any notable level, and now including the only exception, raw resources, there is little investment getting by the choke.
Is it true I intentionally set out to destroy the Canadian economy, no. I set out to choke off the corruption which it just so happens feeds of the economy. As I have said before, a system broken by corruption has never fixed itself... ever.

I've listened to my father, never complain unless you can offer a solution.
Should choking off the corruption run into a road block, the solution that has presented itself is western separation. The financial choke has all but removed any doubt the federal government is dysfunctional, dead beat and broken by corruption.
I do belong to a western secessionist movement but I might as well be a card carrying conservative. Explaining that partisanship is a Wexit killer is quite simply trying to herd cats.
Besides several successful business ideas I've spent a lifetime of hard work in union and non union jobs which labels me as a financially conservative populous... or lol a cheap liberal. It gives me a unique view of the middle class. It is that view that incentives me to suggest the secessionists drop the political views in exchange for an inclusive western view.
Over the last 20 years I've done the ground work putting the carrot within reach, I still believe the future of the west will trump politics and an inclusive Wexit will result.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The real Canada... rampant corruption.

I used the term rampant corruption on many occasions.. even describing it as from the top down and back up to the top.
I've described how corrupt the RCMP are by allowing little children to be brutally beaten rather than have their own criminal activities exposed. I've posted the documents on the corruption between a government agency and a contractor for the justice system under the purview of the attorney generals office. How many of the top brass got a cut of the $40 million for looking the other way the previous liberal government pocketed out of the national treasury? A million in overtime for Nuttal RCMP faked incident?
I've posted the documents that involves corruption in the levels of the justice system right down to the heart of the justice system, the courts.
While it all undeniably says rampant corruption, the following leaves no question on the top down and back up of corruption.
Last year I was offered a short exploratory trip down south including the cost of a passport. I agreed as I've had 4 previous passports and 2 criminal records checks so it won't be a problem.
A on the previous 4 passports I used my stepfathers last name on the application.. I've had it since before I was born but due to some language difficulties I was listed under my birth fathers name but never used it. The clerks manager ruled the only name I've ever used was not legal and to get a 5th passport I would have to do a legal name change. Not impossible but certainly enough to kill the trip and even though it says on my first passport under my stepfathers name it states my BC has my birth fathers name. They also decided the, always been there, small crack in the finish of my BC was not acceptable which again is doable by applying for a replacement. I sent the Ontario registrar all the required info including photocopies that satisfied all aspects of the application. They posted on the inquiry page they had received my application and it will be completed 6 weeks after it was received. After 11 weeks I called and was to a query would be sent to find the status of the application for a replacement. a week after that I the inquiry page noted they wanted more info and sent a request to me. when I didn't receive it after 2 weeks I called again and was given the reason for the delay which is nothing more than a written conformation from me that the info I put on my application was in fact true. A month went by and still no request for the hand written note from me.
In summery after the 6 week waiting period and another 3 waiting on the mail it took a call from me and another week to find out what the holdup was. In total even if things were still on track it would take 16 weeks for the advertised 6 weeks. All because they want conformation from me that what I wrote,,, wax true. Now they want me to write out my 4 names to confirm the 4 names of my BC I photocopied and added in the application was true.
The reason I was bullied out of school was my inability to control nerves enough to be able to write so its obvious if I sent my 4 names printed out it will result in another delay. More proof of rampant corruption and more importantly the proof of corrupt from the top down and back up.
I have previously proven the slime of corruption stretching between provincial entities and a federal entity. This is a clear link between refusing me a 5th passport on a regulation that only apples to immigrants and a provincial entity that has almost tripled the application time just to get a BC.. from another province to a federal agency intentionally ignoring Canadian law.. and I'm the lucky recipient.. I think we know why, the truth is the enemy of corruption.
The evidence is undeniable which should have by now started the country on the road to redemption by disbanding the RCMP.. which is why they continue to deny.
No justice, No investment